Is It Unlawful To Drive A Car In Chicago With A Loud Stereo?

The Georgia Supreme Court has overturned a regulation that made it illegal to play music too loudly. The judges determined that this statute breaches freedom of expression in a 7-0 verdict. As a result, you may now crank up the volume on your automobile audio. You are allowed to play whatever music makes you happy.

Have you ever found yourself driving along with the radio blazing and not a care in the world? Did you realize that playing your car audio too loudly might result in a ticket? Worse, did you know that the music you’re blaring might influence whether or not you’re hauled over? Unfortunately, this is correct.

It is relatively straightforward to govern how loudly you may play music in your automobile before receiving a penalty. A police officer can issue a correction if the automobile audio is audible at a distance of 25 feet or more. So, before you turn on your favorite music, have a look at your tape measure. Alternatively, look around to check if someone is around. Furthermore, no problem if you were an ice cream truck playing that dreadful organ grinder music. Do you think that’s crazy?

An attorney was recently ticketed for playing his music too loud in his automobile, even though he was grooving out to the latest Justin Timberlake single. He decided to contest that the legislation limited what he may listen to but did not limit political or religious themes. Furthermore, businesses such as food trucks aren’t subject to any limitations.

The issue has been challenged by the Supreme Court, which has yet to provide a decision. However, it appears that there is a difficulty with the first modification. By regulating the substance of the communication, the government has decided to protect one type of message over another. 

If you received a citation for playing your car audio too loudly or for any other reason, you should always seek the advice of a specialist, such as Mitchell S. Sexner & Associates LLC. For more information, click here.